Design Guidelines

Let your creativity run free, but please pay attention to these points:

Please use only material (pictures, fonts, etc.) for which you own the complete copyrights. We reserve the right to request a written copyright license in exceptional cases.

We reserve the right to reject designs with unconstitutional, illegal, racist or inhuman content without comment.


Only use material with sufficient resolution (at least 300dpi). Do not scale image material larger than the original size.

Create your design in CMYK colour mode. Since printing is done on a 4-color press, images in RGB colour mode may be subject to colour space cropping. This means that extreme colours such as poisonous green or violet may appear weakened after printing.

The design must continue at least to the magenta coloured bleed line. Otherwise, white flashes may appear at the edge.

Important elements such as logos and the like should be placed within the safe area (green line).

Don't forget: The headphones have 2 sides, so there are always 2 templates each, which are marked with right and left (as seen from the headphone carrier when wearing the headphone). If you want the same design on both sides, just delete one of the two templates